Spring Storage Service Reminder – Snowblower

Spring Storage Service Reminder – Snowblower

Below is a quick checklist of things to do for your Toro snowthrower so it will continue to work well for years to come!powermax

Note: See your Operator’s Manual ¬†for complete details on how to perform any of the following maintenance items.


Fuel System Preparation:

  • Remove old fuel. Add fuel stabilizer/conditioner to the fuel container.
  • Run engine for five minutes to distribute the new conditioned fuel through fuel system.
  • Stop engine, allow it to cool, and drain fuel tank or run engine until it stops.
  • Restart the engine again and allow it to run until it stops.
  • Either choke or prime the engine, restart it a third time and allow it to run until it stops.
  • Continue to attempt to restart the engine until it will no longer start. if present, unscrew the screw on the side of the carburetor.


Lubricate/grease the machine per the Operator’s Manual. Touch up all rusted or chipped paint surfaces. Replace Damaged or Worn Parts.
Single Stage: Inspect paddles and scrapers for wear. If the machine does not self-propel these parts are most likely worn and due for replacement. Look for the wear mark on the paddle(s)
2-Stage: Inspect belts and replace if frayed or cracked. Check adjustment of skid shoes; replace if worn out. Lubricate machine per the operator’s manual.

All Snowthrowers: Tighten screws, bolts and nuts as needed. Repair or replace damaged parts. Clean it thoroughly.

Storage: Allow engine to cool for an hour, out of the reach of children. Cover machine and store in a clean, dry location.

Please Note: Never store machine in house (living area) or basement where ignition sources may be present such as a hot water heater, space heater, clothes dryer and the like because gasoline and fumes are highly flammable, explosive and dangerous if inhaled.