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Toro Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Timecutter Zero Turn

1) Heavy-duty construction

10-Gauge frame, Rugged caster forks, Tough front axles

2) Professional quality of cut


Toro Mowers maintain the premier sports feilds and golf courses around the world

3) “Smart Speed” and “Smart Park”

Innovative features brought to you exclusively by Toro to make your job easier

4) Ease of use

A nearly maintenance free design and features like automatic parking brake

5) Premium Comfort

Premium seat and other models featuring floor mats and large drive tires for a smooth ride

Spring Storage Service Reminder – Snowblower

Below is a quick checklist of things to do for your Toro snowthrower so it will continue to work well for years to come!powermax

Note: See your Operator’s Manual  for complete details on how to perform any of the following maintenance items.


Fuel System Preparation:

  • Remove old fuel. Add fuel stabilizer/conditioner to the fuel container.
  • Run engine for five minutes to distribute the new conditioned fuel through fuel system.
  • Stop engine, allow it to cool, and drain fuel tank or run engine until it stops.
  • Restart the engine again and allow it to run until it stops.
  • Either choke or prime the engine, restart it a third time and allow it to run until it stops.
  • Continue to attempt to restart the engine until it will no longer start. if present, unscrew the screw on the side of the carburetor.


Lubricate/grease the machine per the Operator’s Manual. Touch up all rusted or chipped paint surfaces. Replace Damaged or Worn Parts.
Single Stage: Inspect paddles and scrapers for wear. If the machine does not self-propel these parts are most likely worn and due for replacement. Look for the wear mark on the paddle(s)
2-Stage: Inspect belts and replace if frayed or cracked. Check adjustment of skid shoes; replace if worn out. Lubricate machine per the operator’s manual.

All Snowthrowers: Tighten screws, bolts and nuts as needed. Repair or replace damaged parts. Clean it thoroughly.

Storage: Allow engine to cool for an hour, out of the reach of children. Cover machine and store in a clean, dry location.

Please Note: Never store machine in house (living area) or basement where ignition sources may be present such as a hot water heater, space heater, clothes dryer and the like because gasoline and fumes are highly flammable, explosive and dangerous if inhaled.


Prairie Lawn and Garden is your reliable lawn and garden equipment and repair experts in the Twin Cities Metro area.

Spring season is coming up fast, service your lawn equipment now.

Spring season is coming up fast, service your lawn equipment.

Now is a great time to service your lawn equipment.

A key component of having a lawn that is beautiful and healthy is making sure your lawn is in good condition.  Your lawnmower is likely the most frequently used pieMTD Push Mowerce of outdoor power equipment that you own.  Proper maintenance is extremely important to maximizing efficiency, reducing emissions and preventing costly repairs. A lawnmower that is well maintained will have a longer life span.

This time of season is a great time to prepare your equipment for the upcoming lawn season. Stop in and purchase service parts for a do-it- yourself winter project. Don’t feel comfortable with a DIY project, then have our mechanics prepare your equipment.