Think Spring!

5 Essential Spring Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips:

1: Check the Spark Plug. A clean spark plug is key for your lawn mower to run properly. A dirty spark plug, or one that is loose, will cause your mower to run poorly, be difficult to start, waste fuel, and not cut smoothly. A burned-out spark plug means that your mower won’t start at all.

2: Change the Oil. Mowers need oil changes just like cars, and spring is the perfect time to take this step. To keep your mower’s engine protected, change the oil at least once a year or after each 50 hours of use. Regular motor oil is not the same as small engine oil. Make sure you are using the correct kind and oil weight.

3: Replace the Air Filter. Help your engine breathe easy. Your mower’s air filter can become dirty and clogged, and this will put extra strain on the engine and keep it from running correctly. Check often through out your mowing season.

4: Sharpen the Blade. Also, your mower can’t cut your lawn well without a sharp blade. Remove the spark plug wire for safety, and then use a wrench to remove the blade. Check your owner’s guide for proper way to remove blade. Bring in your blade and Prairie Lawn and Garden will sharpen lawn mower blades.

5: Clean the Deck. Your mower’s underside, can become clogged with grass and debris that can interfere with its ability to run correctly and lead to corrosion. A dirty mower deck can even become a vector to spread plant diseases around your property. Clean your mower’s deck each spring and mid-season to prevent issues.

Remember anytime you work on your lawn equipment, to disconnect the spark plug and wear safety equipment.

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